Ducks of Boston

Ducks Of Boston

Thank you @ktbethe for going above and beyond and rescuing 14 ducks from the @arlboston last month!! You are amazing!!!! . Please note that she is not a rescue or a sanctuary...she is a backyard poultry owner who wanted to help birds in need. This is what we LOVE to see because the rescues and sanctuaries only have a certain amount of space and they can't reach all the birds in all the shelters, cuz there are only a handful who do rescue from shelters (we love you guys, you are all amazing too!!!). Coupled with the growing number of backyard bird owners, we need more individuals to adopt birds in need. . This individual took multiple road trips to this shelter to rescue all the ducks they had. It all started with 2 ducks who had been at the shelter for 5 months. It broke her heart to see nobody adopted them so she took the initiative to drive there and adopt them. Then, when she was there, a mama Muscovy came with her babies but weren't yet available for adoption. So she went back but the mom had been adopted and the babies weren't. So she adopted them but then noticed another Muscovy girl so she brought her home too. See the pattern here, she didn't want to leave anyone behind or break up any families! Which is exactly what we love to see because it's the right thing to do! . Birds form little families and ducks especially, bond to one another and they will get very depressed if they are broken up.

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