Ex-battery hens

Ex-battery hens are female chickens who are 2 years of age or older. Most laying hens are killed when their egg production drops, both by the commercial egg industry and backyard chicken-keepers. Those who are allowed to live usually die from neglect (untreated reproductive issues), because few people are willing to spend money on their veterinary care.

Why Adopt a “Spent Hen”

  • You get to share in her happiness. Ex-battery hens are so incredibly thankful for their freedom and so they take great enjoyment in things other chickens may take for granted sometimes--since everything is a first for them. They have never felt the sun on their feathers, walked around, or bathed in the dirt.
  • They make great companions. Let me ask you this, why keep a dog if it doesn’t produce any eggs? Because they are a companion---a friend, somebody to bond with. Hens are every bit as capable of bonding with you too