Peekaboo And Ollie

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Introducing Peekaboo and Ollie! Peekaboo and Ollie are a bonded pair and will be adopted out together. Peekaboo is a female Hahn's Macaw Birthday June 2011 and Ollie is a male Nanday Conure Hatch date June 2011. Peekaboo is petite for a Hahn's Macaw. They have been together nearly their entire lives. They are inseperable and Ollie is very protective of Peekaboo. He gets anxious when she is out of his sight. The two enjoy coming out of their cage and sitting on the cage top. They often sit side by side, touching bodies and preening each others head and neck. Peekaboo is plucked and has been so for many years. Ollie is plucked on his neck, legs and under his wings alittle. Both birds have slightly malformed beaks. They are a perfect match for each other. Both get around very well and have no problem eating.
Both birds can fly. They love being out of their cage on the play top or on their play gym next to their cage. They pretty much stay on one or the other, but should still be supervised when out of their cage. Peekaboo will step up easily and is sweet as can be. She will stay on your hand or sit on your shoulder. Ollie is very territorial around his cage and protective of Peekaboo, and as such he will not step up from his cage or play gym. He will step up from other locations. They are fine around other birds and dogs. They would probably do fine in a home with older children. They have been disease tested and results came back negative. They have been examined by an avian vet who said they are in good physical condition other than the issues noted above. They have been with their previous owner for the past 9 years and she hated to have to rehome them, but had to due to moving to Europe.

*Peekaboo and Ollie are being fostered in Leonardo.
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For the Love of Birds // Hightstown, NJ // Caryn Cullen
Date Listed: 2018-03-17
Bird Type: macaw
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
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