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Oh, hello there! Am I the one you’re looking for? My name is Yoda (ID 12983153). Yes, yes, like the green man from Star Wars. But that’s because I’m green too! I am a gorgeous Canary Winged Parakeet. My birthday is est. October 2015. Just a few small details you should know about me: I absolutely love to have people around. I am always my happiest when I have some company and there are people buzzing around my habitat. Lately, my family has not been able to spend much time with this fella, and I get it, they have a very busy schedule - so I’m getting very lonely and a bit upset. I wasn’t always like this, I enjoy having company so we can share time (and food) ;) - Heads up… if I’m ignored and rarely see my family we might have some bonding issues. I can get very timid and feisty when I am left alone without any interaction. So, always try to visit me whenever you get the chance! Also, if you want me to be your best friend, just share your food with me! I always try to sneak a little bite of my owner’s food. I’m to stay away from avocados and chocolate off course… too bad those I’m sure are delicious but can cause great harm to me :( If you want to make me love you even more… give me some yogurt drops or jalapeños! Those are my all-time favorite foods. My favorite pastimes include singing my cute little heart out, taking baths, sitting on my owner’s shoulders (once I get to know them I can do this), and relaxing in the warmth of the sun. If you can provide me with those things, I will be the happiest little birdy ever! The song I love to sing is La Cucaracha. Go listen to it and if you whistle it to me, I will most always sing back! I also know other tunes and can learn more if you have the patience to teach me. I have never had any bird siblings so it is hard to tell if I would make a good match with other birds. In the past, people have called me loud and rambunctious, but I am hoping you will give me the chance to prove all of those people wrong! I’m not perfect, but with some patience love and care, I can become your best friend. So, if you think I would be the perfect match for you, check me out sometime and fill out an adoption application. Hope to see you soon!! Yoda, out.

*If you are interested in adoption, please start with an online adoption application at ftlob.rescuegroups.org

*If you adopt him, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!

*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person

For the Love of Birds // Hightstown, NJ // fortheloveofbirdsnj@gmail.com
Bird ID#: 12983153
Date Listed: 2018-05-02
Bird Type: parakeet
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
Hightstown, NJ