Ex-battery Hens

Ex-battery hens photo
Santa Cruz, CA Area – There are many, many ex-factory leghorn hens who are in URGENT need of homes. If you’re interested in saving one or more of these ladies lives, please fill out the following application – http://henharbor.org/adopt.

*If you live in cities which restrict you from keeping roosters, adopting hens like these lovely ladies not only saves their lives, but also makes your life much, much easier!!! Rather than buying chicks from hatcheries or incubating eggs, where you have a high probability of ending up with a rooster you can’t keep, you can adopt and have no question marks as to what sex they will grow up to be.

*Help donate towards this effort, to help Hen Harbor save more lives! - https://goo.gl/4DaZt8
Date Listed: 2018-05-02
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

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Hen Harbor
Felton, CA