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Leonardo, NJ - Introducing Ollie! Ollie is a very misunderstood little guy (suspected Male). He came into us sharing a cage with another bird, but they were not bonded. The other bird was a lot friendlier than him, so got all the attention. Seems like they just left Ollie in the cage. He has now become dependent on his cage for what he thinks is protection. He actually acts hostile when you approach the cage, that's why it is called 'Cage Aggression'. However, once you let him out, and get him to step up for you, he is a COMPLETELY different bird! Still a bit unsure about what is going on at first, but NO signs of aggression at all. Poor thing doesn't know what love is :( He will need someone that understands this behavior, and is willing to put the time in that well be necessary to get him to learn to trust people again. He is still very young, est Hatch date is 2012 and hopefully has a long life ahead of him. He needs a home that will allow him to be out of the cage and become a part of a real family. Recommended that he be in a home with no small children.
*If you are interested in adoption Please start with our online adoption application at ftlob.rescuegroups.org .
*If you adopt him, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person
For the Love of Birds // Leonardo, NJ // fortheloveofbirdsnj@gmail.com
Date Listed: 2018-06-10
Bird Type: other
Age: adult

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