Foghorn photo
Methuen, MA – Introducing Foghorn (ID A363501)! Foghorn is a young leghorn rooster! Fog Horn would love a flock of ladies of his own. Leg horns tend to be very gentle roos and are a good breed to have around children due to their flighty nature- they typically don’t become aggressive like some other breeds can. Fog Horn seems very gentle and shy. He would like to tell you the many ways he would make your hens happy: 1. He will find them yummy snacks, and like a great gentleman always allow them their share first? 2. He will break up any squabbles between your hens 3. He will make your hens’ swoon everyday with his gentle flirtatious nature Won’t you consider adding Fog Horn to your flock? For more info, email He would make a perfect companion and/or addition to your flock of hens, or as an additional member of your bachelor rooster flock. Please consider opening your heart to him, and providing him a happy, no-kill, forever home he deserves the opportunity to have!
*If you adopt him, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person
MSPCA at Nevins Farm // Methuen, MA // Hours: Tue-Fri 12-5 and Sat & Sun 12-4. Closed Mondays & Holidays. // // 978-687-7453 // 400 Broadway
Date Listed: 2018-08-20
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

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MSPCA at Nevins Farm
400 Broadway
Methuen, MA