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Manahawkin, NJ - Introducing Merrill! Merrill (ID 13957094) is a very sweet, happy 5-year-old Sun Conure. She likes nothing more than to be out of her house, perched on top of it or more likely perched on top of her people. While she’s good with both men and women, she will more likely fly to men first as she was raised by 3 young men. She doesn’t do “step-up.” She has an aversion to fingers near her face unless they are holding one of her favorite treats like dried banana or mango. She will be quick to fly to and land on her person when she feels she’s being ignored, usually as soon as you turn your back to her. She does tend to nip a bit, and hard when she gets overly excited. She also loves to hang out on your lap and be scratched under her wings. We think she’s expressing her happiness when she sways back and forth perched on her house or someone’s shoulder. Merrill is most chirpy in the morning and evenings for a brief time during the breakfast and dinner time feedings. Most birds do this. She doesn't like any motorized noises – Vacuumes, blenders, mixers, etc. It seems to scare her, therefore it’s safest for her to be in her cage when using loud appliances. She doesn’t have much of a vocabulary so far, but she’s learning “good morning” and does say “come on” and “right.” We’re also working to teach her to say her name. Merrill currently lives with an American Bulldog and a Green-Cheek Conure – she ignores them both for the most part. Merrill hasn’t been exposed to children, therefore we don’t know how she would react to them, but she’s very good when meeting new people. Please consider opening your heart to her, and providing her a happy, no-kill, forever home she deserves.
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For the Love of Birds // // Contact: Caryn Cullen
Date Listed: 2019-01-02
Bird Type: other
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
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