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Kanab, UT – Once upon a time, in the lower canyon by horses, a horse caregiver noticed a lone rooster on the side of the road, with no one around and no idea where he came from. When she walked towards him, he ran into a pond! After discovering very quickly that roosters can't swim, she went in after him, pulled him out, and got him up to Wild Friends. We named him Abe, and he has been a big hit here ever since. He appears to be a young rooster, is able to be handled, and has a sweet, submissive personality. Chickens are very social and interactive, and Abe would be happiest with animal friends, whether it be other chickens, ducks, or even a friendly dog or cat (but preferably not another rooster, unless you have plenty of space). He will need protection from predators and weather extremes. Check your local ordinances to make sure you can legally have a rooster in your area. No sanctuary visit necessary, however, you must be within driving distance of Kanab to adopt.

If you are interested in Abe, please fill out the shelter’s application for him - https://bestfriends.org/adopt/adopt-our-sanctuary/9390050/abe

**If you adopt them, PLEASE let Adopt a Bird Network know and send or tag us in a photo of you with them so we can help inspire more people to adopt too!

Best Friends Animal Society Utah // Kanab, UT // 2005 1100 E // adoptions@bestfriends.org // (435) 644-2001

Date Listed: 2016-09-28
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: young

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Best Friends Animal Society
2005 1100 E
Kanab, UT