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Jefferson Township, NJ – Introducing Nugget! Nugget is a 6 yr old what we believe to be a male Bare Eyed Cockatoo. Nugget sadly has been bounced around to a few homes but always returned back to his original before finally being surrendered to the rescue. Nugget was bonded to the male in his household and does have the most interest in males. He does step up while with his foster Mom. Nugget gets extra excited when a male comes into view. Nugget would prefer a quieter home where he can get as much attention as he can. He currently is around small children but does get a bit nervous from time to time. He does not seem to like the cat in his foster home. The dogs however, don't phase him. As most Bare Eyed Toos, he is a plucker. The e-collar helps prevent some plucking but he can reach some areas. Once in the right environment, it may subside a bit. Like most Cockatoos he can be Loud! He has gotten significantly better with his frequency of loudness but there are days where he wants his voice heard. Aside from his loud voice, he has a very large vocabulary and goofy antics. He will make you laugh when he bounces Up and Down while saying the words while doing so. His Vet exam showed some kidney issues and we are working on lowering his values with medication. His diet and husbandry and much better since in rescue and we hope that this issue may not be long term. Large bird experience is a MUST when looking to adopt Nugget. If you are that fella who would love to bring Nugget into your home and spoil him with attention, please complete an adoption application.

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Date Listed: 2019-01-22
Bird Type: cockatoo
Age: adult

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