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San Jose, CA – Introducing Piki (ID A1115810), Oliver (ID A1115811), Hercules (ID A1115812), and Onyx (ID A1115813), Oprah (ID A1116042), Tim (ID A1116066), Nemo (ID A1116067), Petey (ID A1116081), Oscar (ID A1116109), Abe (ID A1116175), Milhouse (ID A1116416), Roomba (ID A1116478), Woody (ID A1116479), Von Cluck (ID A1116482), and Rue (ID A1116483). All of them have been abandoned by their previous owners and left to die. Please consider opening your heart to them, and providing them a happy, no-kill, forever home they deserve!
*Tim (ID A1116066), Nemo (ID A1116067), Petey (ID A1116081) and Oscar (ID A1116109) are all URGENTLY in need of rescue, as they were all found on 2/4 very injured (possibly a predator attack or human caused violence) on their backs which do not appear to be getting treated by the shelter.
*Abe (ID A1116175) is also critical condition.
*Roomba (ID A1116478), Woody (ID A1116479), Von Cluck (ID A1116482), and Rue (ID A1116483) were transferred from Napa County Animal Shelter, and now have basically been given a death sentence given all the chickens that this shelter already has.
*If you adopt them, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.

San Jose Animal Care Center // San Jose, CA // 2750 Monterey Road // sjrescue@sanjoseca.gov // 408 535-3500
Date Listed: 2019-01-22
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

Contact Info

San Jose Animal Shelter
2750 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA
408 535-3500