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Chicago, IL – Introducing Batman (ID A200857), George (ID A200884), Kramer (ID A200935), Hunter (ID A200905), Mazerati (ID A200910), Rayburn (ID A200911), Morty (ID A200881), Apollo (ID A200890), Wolfgang (ID A200858), Spock (ID A200878), Mozart (ID A200859), and Billy Ray (ID A200921)! These 12 handsome boys are the roosters still in need of homes. They are survivors. They were sadly victims of animal abuse. Thankfully, these guys are being given the precious gift of a second chance---to discover that humans CAN be kind and that life can be full of joy and bonding with other creatures, not constant fear and isolation.

Of these sweeties:

*Mazerati, Rayburn, and Billy Ray are among the friendliest (however, ALL of these boys are kind-hearted, and all have the capacity to be super friendly and affectionate towards you, if given the chance).

*Apollo, Hunter, Batman, and Billy Ray are probably in the best shape, health wise.

*Mazerati and Rayburn are currently recovering from bumblefoot, which is a treatable condition.

*Morty, George, and Wolfgang are a bit on the thin side. They will need a little extra (nutritional) support initially, to help them get back to a healthy weight.

*EACH and every one of these handsome gentleman would make your life better. You wouldn’t just be saving them, you’d be gaining a pet, a companion, an assistant who will help you care for your hens, and most of all, a forever friend who will never forget the kindness you bestowed upon him.

*So please, even if you can’t adopt at the moment, please encourage someone else you know to consider saving a life! : )

*Also, there ARE transport options available. If you’re interested in adopting one of these guys, please email Julia Magnus at

Chicago Animal Care & Control // Chicago, IL // 2741 S Western Ave // (312) 747-1406 // Contact: Julia Magnus at
Date Listed: 2019-06-19
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

Contact Info

Chicago Animal Care and Control
2741 S. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL
(312) 744-5000