Mister Cutie

Mister Cutie photo
Madison, NJ – Introducing Mister Cutie (ID 66236), Pickle (ID 66235), Snuggles (ID 66234), Soda Pop (ID 66233), Barnabas (ID 66232), Grylls (ID 66231), Tator-Tot (ID 66230), Stud Muffin (ID 66229), Shmoopie (ID 66228), and Prince (ID 66227)! They are handsome roosters who were taken from a cruelty situation. They should be treated like survivors, because they are, and deserve kind homes where they will be shown love and kindness always! Please consider opening your heart to them, and providing them a happy, no-kill, forever home they deserve!

*If you adopt them, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!

*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center // Madison, NJ // tburke@sthuberts.org // 575 Woodland Ave // (973) 377-2295
Date Listed: 2020-01-22
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

Contact Info

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
575 Woodland Ave
Madison, NJ
(973) 377-2295