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Hightstown, NJ - Introducing Lola! Lola (ID 15343199) is an 18-year-old female Lorikeet who has lived with one family her whole life, however circumstances have changed and now she needs a new home. Lola, as true for all Lorys and Lorikeets are on a strict diet of nectar, fruits and fruit juice. Because of this liquid diet their poop is very wet. So be prepared for cleaning around her cage often. It is a good idea to put plastic up on the walls to make cleaning easy. Lola only bonded to one person at her previous home, but her new foster family is going to try and get her more socialized. She loves coming out of her cage and hanging out with her favorite person. Her previous home had two large dogs and her current foster home has three dogs. Lola doesn't care for them, but is fine being around them. Lola likes playing with shreddable toys. She is not a flier, although full feathered. She prefers to climb and walk around. Lola is being fostered in Hightstown, NJ and will only be adopted to a forever home within easy driving distance to his foster home. Please consider opening your heart to them, and providing them a happy, no-kill, forever home they deserve!

*If you adopt them, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!

*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.

*If you’re interested in adopting her, please complete an adoption application on their website

For the Love of Birds //

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Date Listed: 2020-01-22
Bird Type: parrot
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
Hightstown, NJ

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