Thomas And Friends

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New York, NY – Introducing Thomas, Christopher, Mark, and Stewart! These sweet boys are just all-American guys--Pekin guys that is!! They were rescued after being dumped on a golf course, where they had no idea how to find food or avoid predators. They basically ran into their rescuer's arms! They continue to be VERY friendly with people and the only thing they love more than dancing around under the spray of hose water is EACH OTHER! They are brothers and friends for life! This quartet would be great starter ducks for a family or small sanctuary who hasn't yet entered the world of duck guardianship! In order to make sure they continue to be BFFs they should not be introduced to females, as this could make them get competitive with each other. Instead, consider starting your own little bachelor flock of the cutest boys in town. They will endlessly entertain you with their cute antics, quiet little quacks, and duck smiles.
*If you are interested in adopting these sweethearts, please contact Jessica at
They All Want to Live // // New York, NY

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Date Listed: 2021-09-17
Bird Type: duck
Age: adult

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They All Want to Live
New York, NY

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