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Warwick, NY – Introducing Chet! Poor Chet!!! He's been at the shelter for over a year now, all on his own. He was rescued from living in a too small, dilapidated, filthy cage and is waiting for a kind person to adopt him. He is coop trained, handsome and he really needs to start living a rooster life. Since he has been isolated from other chickens for over a year, he will need to be gradually introduced.
Please consider opening your heart to this sweet bird, and provide him a happy, no-kill, forever home that he really deserves! If you adopt this sweet bird, PLEASE let Adopt a Bird Network know!!!

Warwick Valley Humane Society // Warwick, NY // 48 Public Works Rd // Hours: Daily 12-4 // // 845-986-2473
Date Listed: 2017-02-06
Bird Type: Chicken
Age: adult

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Warwick Valley Humane Society
48 Public Works Rd
Warwick, NY