Wise Quacker

Wise quacker photo
Quakertown, PA – Introducing Wise Quacker! Wise Quacker is an adult male Pekin drake. He is *Special Needs* because he is extremely bow legged and steps on his own feet when he walks. He still gets around but he is a bit wobbly. He loves to swim in a kiddie pool and can get in and out of the pool with no issues but has trouble getting out of our larger duck pond on his own. We have to put him in and take him out of the large pond. He is really friendly and likes all other barnyard animals and people. You can pick him up and pet him. He will just need to be in a home that can keep an eye on him in case he gets "stuck" somewhere and needs a little help. Please consider opening your heart to him, and providing him a happy, no-kill, forever home he deserves!
*If you adopt him, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.
*Please note that we are not a transport service. If you are seeking help transporting birds, we encourage you to join our ABN Transport Group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/adoptabirdtransportgroup
Last Chance Animal Rescue // Quakertown, PA // 9 Beck Rd // pets@lastchanceranch.org // (215) 538-2510

Bird Info

Date Listed: 2021-08-01
Bird Type: duck
Age: adult

Shelter Info

Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue
9 Beck Rd
Quakertown, PA

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