Flock Of Littles

Flock of littles photo
Hamilton, MT - Introducing Gold Wing (ID 49866825), Betsy (ID 49944481), Henrietta (ID 49944445), Scooter (ID 49866861), Myrtle (ID 49944453) and Polly (ID 49944476)! They are a flock of adorable little silkie mixes who are in need of a nice home together. Please consider opening your heart to them, and provide them a happy, no-kill, forever home they deserve!
*If you adopt them, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.
*Since chickens have an excessive number of wild and domestic animals who want to eat them, it is your responsibility to protect them. To learn about predator-proofing and some tips on how to do it, please refer to this infographic - http://www.poultrydvm.com/featured-infographic/tips-for-protecting-poultry-from-predators.
*If you’re interested in adopting this bird(s), please contact the shelter using the information provided below.
Bitter Root Humane Association // Hamilton, MT // 262 Fairgrounds RD // brhafront@bitterroothumane.org // (406) 363-5311

Bird Info

Date Listed: 2022-04-20
Bird Type: chicken
Age: adult

Shelter Info

Bitter Root Humane Association
262 Fairgrounds Rd
Hamilton, MT