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Chet The Handsome Rooster

Chet is a very handsome, adventurous, easygoing rooster who is waiting for that special someone to be his knight and shining armor! The first six months of his life were spent living in a tiny, filthy cage by himself, where he was very unhappy. One day, animal control received word of this and relocated him to the Warwick Valley Humane Society, where he has lived for the past year and a half---waiting for somebody to adopt him.

Chet passes the time dreaming of when he will have other birds to dustbathe and have preening (preening is when birds clean their feathers) parties with, cluck to, find tidbits and treats for, and to roost with at night.

Chet is a bit shy around people he doesn’t know at the moment, but that will change when he finds that special someone, who will show him kindness and appreciate him for who he is. Since Chet has not been on his own for so long, he will need to be gradually introduced to other birds in a flock---because he will be so very excited to see them!

Chet will be forever grateful to the human who adopts him, and they will feel that special joy and satisfaction knowing that they helped make his life better---that they made a positive difference in this world that meant everything to him.

Chet’s Likes: Trying new foods, dustbathing, basking in the sun, and looking fancy.

Chet’s Dislikes: Mean people, tiny cages, being alone, bad weather.

Please consider opening your heart to this sweet bird, and provide him a happy, no-kill, forever home that he really deserves! If you adopt this sweet bird, PLEASE let Adopt a Bird Network know!!!

Warwick Valley Humane Society // Warwick, NY // 48 Public Works Rd // Hours: Daily 12-4 // warwickhumane@yahoo.com // 845-986-2473

About Warwick Valley Humane Society

The Warwick Valley Humane Society, Inc. (WVHS) is a not for profit corporation of the State of New York. Founded in 1954, they have operated the Warwick Animal Shelter since 1968. The WVHS provides Animal Control Services via contracts with the Towns of Warwick and Chester. Warwick is a 104 square mile town in Southern Orange County that includes the villages of Florida, Greenwood Lake and Pine Island. The town of Chester includes the well known craft village of Sugar Loaf. They contract with the town of Tuxedo as an impound facility. Over 50% of their annual income is derived through fundraising.

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