House Chickens

Keeping House Chickens

House chickens are becoming increasingly popular over the years, as people realize how incredibly awesome and enriching it is to keep them inside as house pets. Sometimes it may be a temporary situation, such as when a bird is recovering from an illness or injury, or it may be on a permanent basis. Any bird with a deformity such as scissors beak, loss of a limb, blind, or other handicap often benefit greatly from being kept inside as house chickens.

Birds which Particularly Benefit from House Chicken Status:
  • Any bird with a deformity or handicap.
  • A rooster who is being kept in an area with laws prohibiting people from keeping them.
  • Any bird recovering from an illness or injury.
  • A newly adopted or rescued bird from an animal shelter or other organization.
  • Any bird who gets bullied alot and doesn't seem to get along well with the others.
  • An older or younger bird.
  • Any bird which is kept without other birds.
  • Therapy or emotional support birds.
Also, anybody why lives in an area which has restrictions on keeping roosters should consider keeping them inside as a house rooster! Just make sure to either become very friendly with your neighbors and/or add some soundproofing materials to your house (to help dampen the noise produced when they’re crowing). Although a rooster’s crow is actually quieter and less aggravating them the sound of a barking dog or baby crying, it is unfortunately an ongoing problem convincing municipalities to modify laws put in place against keeping them and related to noise ordinances.

There are different ways of keeping house chickens. Some people let their birds have full run over the house, and others may restrict them to certain areas or rooms. You can’t really potty train a chicken, however their poop is small and quick and easy to clean up on certain floor types such as tile or hardwood. Some people use chicken diapers, which you can buy on Etsy or Amazon, which come with liners and easy to clean. If birds are restricted to certain areas, towels work well and are fairly easy to just throw in the wash

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